Vol 11(1) January - June 2012




The reemergence signs of pertussis in Colombia, require of more effective prevention measures


Jorge Enrique Pérez Cárdenas








Resverasor effect on reproductive parameters in rats treated with ACTH exogenous


miryam Vélez Marín, Luis Fernando Uribe Velásquez, Henry Mesa




Comparison of two techniques as carnitine acylcarnitine translocase deficiency diagnosis tools


José Henry Osorio




Comparison of lipid profile by sex and age in cattle


José Henry Osorio, Jazmín Vinazco, Jorge Enrique Pérez




Cellular response produced by a Bursera sp infusion


carlos Hernando Parga Lozano, Lizeth Marìa Guardo Pereira, Marlòn David Acuña Arrieta








Reproductive hormones of veterinary importance in domestic ruminant females


Jackeline Franco, Luis Fernando Uribe Velásquez




Update in domestic cat thyroid gland functioning. Second part: feline hyperthyroidism


José Henry Osorio, Stefania Matheus




Strategies for improve postpartum body condition in beef cows


David Giraldo Arana, Luis Fernando Uribe Velásquez