Vol 11(2) July - December 2012




Could the West Nile fever be a public health problem in Colombia?


Jorge Enrique Pérez Cárdenas








Manual pressure force and correlation with anthropometric and physical condition in college students


Carlos Gómez-Londoño, Clara Helena González-Correa




Modification of a DNA extraction technique from white human blood cells


José Henry Osorio, Yoccner Edilson Quenán




Antimycotic sensitivity of different isolated fungi species in patients with the onychomycosis in Manizales-Caldas-Colombia


Jorge Enrique Pérez-Cárdenas, Ana María Hoyos Zuluaga, Carolina Cárdenas Henao




Evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of molecular diagnosis for Staphylococcus aureus in milk of cows affected by mastitis


Jorge Enrique Pérez-Cárdenas, Juan Restrepo, Luisa Ortiz, Ximena Cardona, Martha Olivera




Evaluation of five different scan functions for the analysis of carnitine in human plasma by tandem mass spectrometry


José Henry Osorio




Digestibility of energetic raw material extruded in quails’ feeding (Coturnix coturnix japonicas)


William Narváez-Solarte, Jenny Paola Toro Naranjo, Carlos Eduardo Giraldo Murillo




Validation of friedewald’s formula for determining cattle lipid profile


José Henry Osorio, Yirly Johanna Suárez, Jorge Enrique Pérez








Importance of man-animal interaction during cattle pre-slaughter: review


Claudia G. Cobo A., Marlyn H. Romero P.