Vol 13(1) January - June 2014







The systemic side effects of the vaccines against Human papiloma virus and the scientific evidence of its association with the vaccine


Jorge Enrique Pérez Cárdenas








Reliability of an applicable methodology for simple foot kinematic measuring in self-reliant senior citizens in the community


Paul Medina-González




Effect of canine blood samples hemolysis in the result of some enzyme analyses


Manuela J. Agudelo Vásquez, Vladimir Ortega Botero, Martha Olivera-Angel




Evaluation of mortality and traumatic injures in broiler chickens under commercial slaughtering conditions


Marlyn Hellen Romero Peñuela, Jorge Alberto Sánchez Valencia, Jairo Francisco Moncayo Mora




Identification of helminthes in opossums (Didelphys marsupialis) in the colombian southwest region


Ginés Fernando Ramírez, José Henry Osorio




Characterization of metabolites of lactic acid bacteria and inhibitory effect of bacteriocins on pathogenic microorganisms in foods: a systematic literature review, 2008-2012


Kelly Johana Fernández Villa, Isabel Cristina Chanci Echeverri, Lisett Wilches López, Jaiberth Antonio Cardona Arias








Analysis of the canine ABCB1-1Δ mutation and its therapeutic and toxicological implications


Ricardo Andrés Correa-Salgado, Eduardo Castaño




Thyroid hormones in cattle: review article


José Henry Osorio, Jazmín Vinasco Rodríguez, Yirly Johanna Suárez




Thyroid hormones in small ruminants: review article and literature update


José Henry Osorio, Yirly Johanna Suarez, Luis Fernando Uribe-Velázquez