Vol 13(2) July - December 2014







Ebola risk in the world is increasingly obvious with the last epidemic produced in Africa


Jorge Enrique Pérez Cárdenas








Free radical scavenging capacity of essential oil and ethanolic extracts of yacón (Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepp. & Endl) H. Robinson, cultivated in Colombia


Dary Luz Mendoza Meza, Loreinys Parra Flórez, Sergio Loza Rosas




Evaluation of the microbial quality of drinking water and wastewater in one population of Bogota (Colombia)


C. Venegas, M. Mercado, C. Campos




Effects of using stairs in physical health


Álvaro López Núñez, Cristina Marín Monroy, Suly Castro Molinares




Pre and postpandrial values of ALT, urea and creatinine do not change significantly


Idalina Rendón Calle, Vladimir Ortega Botero, Elizabeth Restrepo, Martha Olivera Angel








Lepidopterism and erucism in Colombia


Juan P. Gómez C.




Impact of heat stress on reproductive activity in cattle and considerations to mitigate its effects on reproduction


Faider A. Castaño, Clara C. Rugeles P., César A. Betancur H., Camilo J. Ramirez-López.




Main repair mechanisms for damages in the DNA molecule


Yaliana Tafurt Cardona, Maria Aparecida Marin Morales








Aggressive scaly erytroderma, adverse reaction in a patient treated with hydrochlorothiazide: a case report


Camilo Guzmán Terán, Hiltony Villa Dangond, Omar Torres Ayazo