Vol 14(1) January - June 2015






Does the prevention and control of toxoplasmosis difficult goals to achieve?


Jorge Enrique Pérez Cárdenas








Effect of periodic Albendazole and Vitamin A treatment on intestinal helminths and anemia in children from Uraba (Antioquia, Colombia)


Jaime Carmona-Fonseca, Adriana Correa-Botero




Evaluation of electrical impedance spectroscopy for cervical intraepithelial lesions detection


Germán Olarte Echeverri, William Aristizábal Botero, Paula Andrea Gallego Sánchez




Clinical evaluation of terminal body hair and hirsutism prevalence in university students from Manizales (Caldas), 2012


Andrés Leonardo Naranjo Cardona, Juan Carlos Montilla Garzón, Luz Elena Sepúlveda Gallego, Leonardo José González G.




In vitro study of very long chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency with muscular involvement


José Henry Osorio




Clinical characterization of patients with diabetes mellitus from the state register of diabetes in a state of Mexico


Erika López-López, Mario Joaquín López-Carbajal, Alicia Armida Ortiz Gress




Evaluation of risk factors of pale, soft and exudative (PSE) meat due to pre-slaughter conditions in pigs


Marlyn Hellen Romero Peñuela, Jorge Alberto Sánchez Valencia




Health risk assessment in a lettuce (lactuca sativa) crop due to irrigation with untreated wastewater in the Marengo agricultural center (Cundinamarca, Colombia)


Claudia Campos Pinilla, Ana Milena Contreras, Fabio R. Leiva








Probiotics in swine: contradictory results


John Giraldo-Carmona, William Narváez-Solarte, Elvis Díaz-López